Arcola Energy

Arcola Energy

Delivering cleaner and more efficient energy systems by specialising in hydrogen and fuel cell technologies.

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London, England
USD $1M-$5M

Management Team

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Ben Todd

Founder & CEO

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About Arcola Energy

The problem we're solving:

There is a growing need to decarbonize hard-to-abate sectors, and the team sees growing global interest in the adoption of hydrogen-powered fuel cell engines into zero-emission buses, commercial trucks, trains and marine vessels.

Our solution:

Arcola Energy is a leading specialist in hydrogen and fuel cell technologies for heavy-duty transport and energy systems. Arcola Energy is privately owned and offers a truly independent view of the industry allowing it to focus on products which make a positive contribution to society, delivered with total commitment to quality, safety and compliance.

Our differentiator:

Acquired and merged into Ballard Motive Solutions.