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Aberdeen, Scotland

ZOEX is the world's first commercially viable, reliable and modular wave energy converter system

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The Problem:

Penetration market is found in Aquaculture fish farming, who rely on diesel generators which needs to be phased out under net zero policy. There are limited options for renewables. HVO is a short term solution, as soon it will not be a viable in future due to food scarcity. Solar panels suffer badly in marine environment and chip easily due to marine mammals/birds. Pulling shore cable is a good option however the industry is moving more offshore, where shore cable will be costly.

The Solution:

ZOEX offers our Offshore customers (Blue economy) reach their net zero target by offering affordable & reliable power from incident waves as a clean alternative to diesel generators.

The Differentiator:

ZOEX overcomes the biggest hurdle in wave energy sector: cost. Zoex achieved this by mounting the technology onto an existing marine structure, such as feed-barge in the aquaculture example. This has huge cost savings from installation and maintenance. ZOEX is a modular device where multiples can be installed as per customer demand. It is easy to transport and maintain. The patented double link arm mechanism makes it work effectively at low sea-states whilst preventing mechanical damage in storm

Biggest Achievement:

Obtaining Seafood Innovation fund, and installation of full scale demo project

Programme themes:

Low carbon power

Team members:

Ash Penley