Startup Profile

Speeder Systems Ltd.

Southampton, England

The story of Speeder Systems started at the University of Southampton where Tadao was testing different ground-effect wings. From the first test to S30 design; the team has tested various prototypes for ground-effect and VTOL flight and optimised the design to fit the mission and the human needs.

Company Details

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The Problem:

Today, to transport a cargo to/from a windfarm requires a boat or a helicopter. A boat delivers the cargo in 3 hours and helicopter costs more than 6000 Pounds.

The Solution:

Speeders are designed to the job 3X faster than a boat and 6X cheaper than a helicopter with zero emissions.

The Differentiator:

Ground-effect is the phenomenon birds are using to fly long distances. Speeder Systems has a patented to design to combine it with eVTOL technology to provide the best energy efficiency while creating the flexibility to operate like a helicopter or a boat.

Biggest Achievement:

Winner, Drone Delivery Challenge Dubai Airshow. Governmental Grant from Germany on autonomus flying.

Programme themes:

Advanced mobilityReducing emissions

Team members:

Erdem Kazakli

Managing Director