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Open Power

London, United Kingdom

Using state of the art AI, Open Power creates dynamic VPPs to enable generators of all sizes to access power markets and algorithmically trade and opt

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The Problem:

Problem People are moving from just consuming energy, to both consuming and producing energy onsite. This growing group only have individual suppliers as an option when financially optimising their energy profile. Suppliers use opaque pricing methods to extract as much as they can from their customers for their export and imports. This leads to a net loss in revenue compared to what could be achieved by optimising against the wider energy market.

The Solution:

Our Producer-Consumer platform aggregates the energy profiles of this group in the dynamic VPP, predicting their output and optimising it against the wider system, dealing with all of the industry complexities involved with professionally managing their energy system. The platforms core focus is the energy being sold back to the grid, providing innovative options for the sale of their exports(Wholesale, Private, P2P), but later will incorporate imports and flexibility.

The Differentiator:

We believe that the future energy system will be built on top of accurate predictions of individual energy profiles and the optimisation between them. We are supplier agnostic, and combine predictions and optimisation across a wide range of markets. This combination is inherently valuable, allowing an underserved size of SME to professionally manage their system like the most sophisticated energy consultancy would. We are the tech enabled link to a complex system.

Biggest Achievement:

Our biggest achievement to date has been setting our pilot MVP and dealing with all the industry complexities to eventually sign 20 customers onto our service. This includes getting an industry compliant contracts, offtaker agreements and metering agreement to get the data for our customer, which allowed us to build our sales pipeline to bring our customers onboard and manage their energy exports. We additionally won a sizeable grant from DESNZ to develop the full product.

Programme themes:

Low carbon power

Team members:

Chris O'connor


Amir Khorasani