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NOCO Energy Limited

London, United Kingdom

A PPA Marketplace for Clean Local Energy.

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The Problem:

Commercial & Industrial rooftop solar assets are always undersized. Securing grid export agreements is a tedious process and the returns generated don't make the business case to oversize solar assets. Solar developers, installers and asset owners are paying a high opportunity cost because of these market inefficiencies.

The Solution:

NOCO's solution is a PPA Marketplace to: - Enable the monetisation of solar export within a few clicks through our Digital PPA Auction process. - Provide a platform for solar export volume aggregation, reducing the risk profile of independent generators, and enabling higher unit revenues. - Provide a route to market for our Local PPA which increases solar revenue by 40% by locally matching generation & demand beneath the primary substation level.

The Differentiator:

NOCO's main differentiator is our Local Energy Market technology which enables us to offer Local PPAs in partnership with licensed energy suppliers. In addition to this moat, we are the only tech-driven independent marketplace targeted exclusively at assets beneath 5MWp.

Biggest Achievement:

NOCO's biggest achievement is the development, launch and successful operation of our Local Energy Market platform. Using Innovate UK funding, the team developed a methodology and tech product that enables the matching of half-hourly energy between renewable generators and business demand connected to the same primary substation. We have successfully operated this solution, increasing asset revenue by 40%. This is the foundation to our Local PPA offering.

Programme themes:

Reducing emissionsLow carbon power

Team members:

Calin Basno

Founder & CEO

Paul Nebel

Fractional CTO

    Stuart Lloyd-Evans

    Fractional CCO