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Mormaír Ltd

Glasglow, Scotland

True energy transition technology: generators using any feedstock--fossil and bio-fuels--with zero emissions. Captures/stores carbon from the fuel.

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The Problem:

Net zero goals are at odds with the demand for reliable, affordable, accessible energy.

The Solution:

Our generators can use any fuel source--fossil fuels and biofuels--with no emissions. The Goldberg Generator operates using a chemical reaction instead of a traditional engine. This chemical reaction utilizes any carbon-based feedstock as a fuel and operates within a closed-loop system, meaning there are no emissions. This chemical process separates out and stores the carbon from the fuel in cannisters. This means that when using biofuels, the generators capture atmospheric carbon.

The Differentiator:

We capture carbon while generating energy. We don't need energy to capture carbon, we capture carbon with zero-emissions energy as a byproduct. Our renewable energy is affordable, distributed, and reliable. It's like having solar panels and being able to turn the sun on and off.

Biggest Achievement:

We have been awarded two Innovate UK grants for projects totalling £1m. One project started April, the other will start in July. One grant allows us to complete development and install/monitor/test a generator at the Materials Processing Institute (MPI) in Teesside. The other grant is with MPI as a partner for utilizing our technology plus an add-on process to recover critical minerals from waste (coal fly ash).

Programme themes:

Reducing emissionsLow carbon power

Team members:

Valerie Findlay