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Hilo EV

Cambridge, United Kingdom

Intelligent road illumination system for scooters and small vehicles

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The Problem:

The micromobility sector includes e-scooters, e-bikes, mopeds, and compact urban vehicles. Micromobility vehicles such as e-scooters and e-bikes are generally seen as unsafe, and as their popularity increases, so do the number of road traffic accidents, injuries, and even deaths. For the benefits micromobility brings to be fully realised, safety concerns need to be addressed so that users are not afraid to adopt them as a last-mile solution.

The Solution:

The intelligent Road Illumination System (IRIS) stands out with its patented AI computer vision technology. It not only warns the rider and other road users about potential dangers but also creates a distinctive ring of light around the vehicle. This light ring, coupled with intelligent colour changes to signal the rider's intentions, significantly enhances the vehicle's visibility. With the added benefits of audible and haptic feedback, IRIS can detect hazards from all directions.

The Differentiator:

IRIS is an AI-powered lightning system that helps keep riders safe by monitoring the road through cameras mounted on the front and back of a vehicle. The cameras capture real-time data to identify potential hazards like obstacles, pedestrians, or other vehicles. If a hazard is detected, IRIS uses algorithms to analyse the information and determine the best course of action. The system then alerts the rider through the lighting system in combination with audible and haptic feedback.

Biggest Achievement:

Hilo has collaborated with EAV to deliver a technology demonstrator for the Royal Mail that featured IRIS as part of an ongoing trial that is set to deliver a significant requirement over the next two years. As a result, EAV has provided an LOI for 4,000 IRIS units. The business is now partnering with SACHA in India to offer integration of IRIS to prospective OEMs such as Ola Electric, LML, and Bajaj Automotive, improving rider safety in Asian markets.

Programme themes:

Advanced mobility

Team members:

James Browne