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Evolve Metals Ltd

Edinburgh, Scotland

Evolve Metals is building the UK’s only copper refinery. Our innovative closed-loop technology is here to set new industry standards for the sustainable production of copper worldwide. With our R&D facility based in Edinburgh, we aim to use circular economy principles to secure safe and sustainable supply chains. Our first plant will be in the UK, creating an immediate circular economy for copper production and alleviating an over dependence on imports. Thereafter we will promptly replicate this model elsewhere throughout the world eliminating the need for countries to export their waste copper. Evolve Metals is the catalyst for a new green British industrial economy.

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The Problem:

Copper is the base metal for the energy transition. Demand for copper will continue to surge as we strive towards net zero. Nevertheless there is no copper refinery in the UK. The UK is the world’s fifth largest exporter of scrap copper, and the world’s fourth largest importer of refined copper. This represents circa £3.5 billion in lost value to the UK each year, not to mention huge environmental consequences.

The Solution:

We are building an entirely new type of copper refinery here in the UK. This will not only be the UK’s only copper refinery, but the world’s first zero process emissions refinery. With this technology we can create a truly circular economy for copper production in the UK. The model can then be replicated elsewhere in the world. The technology is our own IP, developed in conjunction with the University of Strathclyde.

The Differentiator:

We are reducing carbon emissions in the UK whilst promoting heavy industrial growth. We intend to use circular economy principals to create a huge amount of jobs in the UK. By creating a sovereign supply of such a critical transitional commodity, we are giving the UK a chance to achieve its net zero ambitions. Our key differentiator is our technology. We are introducing an entirely new way to refine copper without a dependency on overseas smelting processes and unnecessary exports.

Biggest Achievement:

Out of 240 applicants Evolve Metals is through to the final of the Scottish Edge fund circular economy pitching competition. There are 24 finalists, with up to 14 expected to each be awarded £100,000, (70% loan and 30% grant). The final is in person at 3.30 pm May 9th, an hour before my pitch to Shell. So tomorrow afternoon is a very exciting time for Evolve Metals!

Programme themes:

Reducing emissions

Team members:

Tom Anderson