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EV8 Technologies

London, England

The future of going electric. As the lines blur between the energy, infrastructure and transport sectors, EV8 helps accelerate the transition to a net-zero world, driving commercially viable solutions that bring value to both businesses and consumers. Our offers EV8 Switch and EV8 Live are designed to help you make informed decisions about electric vehicles and how you can harness their potential.

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The Problem:

Electric Vehicle uptake has slowed, with uptake being mostly through tax advantageous Salary Sacrifice schemes. Vans and HGV uptake has been even slower given extra complexities. Assistance is required to understand what vehicles and routes are suitable to switch to EV, and the infrastructure needed, along with how to finance it.

The Solution:

We support customers through EV education & adoption, infrastructure planning & participation in energy markets through a range of SaaS applications and data & insights services. 1) Applications for customer education & adoption 2) Infrastructure planning data and insights tools 3) Platforms to manage and optimize EV batteries By providing services along the E2E value chain, we ensure customers never have to leave our ecosystem.

The Differentiator:

We are the only organization operating across the entire end-to-end value chain, adding value with our patented geo-location enabled battery load prediction. In addition, we are completely OEM and software agnostic, meaning no matter the vehicle or telematics solution we can easily incorporate our market leading algorithms. For fleets and vehicles without telematics solutions, we are unique in that we can collect the required telematics data either through our app or directly from vehicle.

Biggest Achievement:

Our biggest achievements are results driven & focus on two areas - EV adoption & infrastructure deployment: 1. For Uber, through deployment of our digital solutions we stimulated >25% of drivers involved in the project to switch to EV 2. For a US-based pharmaceuticals distributor, we saved over $2.5m (>50%) capex on one depot assignment We also have significant support from UK & EU space agencies, demonstrating validity of our patented algorithms.

Programme themes:

Advanced mobilityReducing emissionsLow carbon power

Team members:

Felix Mackenzie

Chief Commercial Officer

Becky Roberts

Co-Founder and COO

    Chris Berry

    CSO and Board Member