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Drift Energy

Bath, United Kingdom

A new class of mobile renewable energy - "like a fishing boat for energy".

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The Problem:

Our planet desperately needs more energy, needs it to be greener and needs it quickly. So the logical question is: where can we find an abundant source of green energy? The answer lies over the Oceans. The 70% of our planet, which provides a vast untapped goldmine of renewable energy. Just how do we tap into it…

The Solution:

Inspired by the age-old technology of the sailboat, DRIFT Energy launches a ground-breaking concept. The net positive ship! Harnessing wind power via its sails, the ships regenerate energy via an underwater turbine. Storing the energy onboard ready to be delivered to ports across the world. Using an A.I. routing algorithm to hunt ‘Goldilocks’ winds. "Like a self-filling green tanker".

The Differentiator:

A COP 28 recognised innovator, our vision is for a global network of energy-harvesting ships. DRIFT is Ocean kind. Non-invasive. Scalable green power solution for net zero. - SCALABLE over 70% of the globe - ULTRA EFFCIENT load factors - 2x offshore wind, 8x solar and 10x tidal - ANTI-FRAGILE independent distributed energy assets - ECONOMIC delivery of energy at constantly low levelised costs - DEPLOYABLE quickly with no planning or grid constraints - SUSTAINABLE using less raw materials

Biggest Achievement:

Biggest achievement has to be when we successfully made the first ever green hydrogen in Plymouth Harbour as a demonstration in the middle of the SailGP race in front of thousands of spectators. - 4x award winning firm including global innovation prize at COP 28 - Customer enquiries from UK’s largest hydrogen distributor, UN SIDS nations and UHNWI Family Offices - Graduates of the Catapult UK, SetSquared, CDL & Shell Engine Pre-accelerator.

Programme themes:

Low carbon power

Team members:

Ben Medland

CEO & Founder