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Carbon Neutral Fuels

Manchester, United Kingdom

Combining air, water and low-carbon energy to make carbon neutral fuel, ensuring rapid decarbonisation of hard to decarbonise industries.

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The Problem:

Aviation has a long and rich history and a bright future ahead. However, rising CO2 emissions put our sector at risk. In fact, 22% of global CO2 emissions will be from aviation in 2050, seven times MORE than they are today. At that point, the aviation industry will collapse. So we really don't have time to waste; building new battery or hydrogen technologies isn't a long-term solution. So we need a way to grow our sector, without growing our emissions.

The Solution:

Our process is super simple. We take air and water and turn it into sustainable fuels! This 'recycling' of the CO2 in the atmosphere means that the process is carbon neutral so we don't add any more CO2 to the atmosphere, instead we use what is already there, which of course helps to solve climate change. In fact, our technology reduces CO2 emissions by 83 % compared to a traditional flight.

The Differentiator:

Carbon Neutral Fuels is a technology integrator. We are in the midst of designing a first-of-a-kind e-fuels facility which recycles carbon dioxide from the air to make sustainable fuels for aviation. This unique approach to solving climate change is backed by the UK Government, with CNF winning £1.4 million of funding (after only being established 11 months!) to develop this ground breaking technology.

Biggest Achievement:

Winning the UK Department for Transport’s Advanced Fuels Fund was game changing for CNF. We have been catapulted to opportunities we could only have dreamed about when we started the business less than 2 years ago. We have been invited to talk with Ministers about setting future policy; exhibited at conferences in the UK and abroad; and attended meetings with the likes of Boeing, Jet2, Manchester Airport and many others.

Programme themes:

Low carbon power

Team members:

Sophie Zienkiewicz