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Atmosfuture Limited

London, United Kingdom

An innovative climate-tech company developing carbon capture technology to reverse climate change in a disruptive way to the rest of the industry.

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The Problem:

The issue is that CO2 remains in the atmosphere for upto 200 years. Whilst there are ongoing issues of emissions, the legacy problems are not being addressed which will cause issues for companies to operate as they are for the long term. The solutions that exist are not efficient enough to make a difference in reducing or achieving net-zero due to their processes used.

The Solution:

Our solution has looked at the way the market has provided solutions and found a sustainable way in not only dealing with emissions currently and moving forwards, but also the legacy GHG's that have really impacted climate change and will continue to do so for the next century or two.

The Differentiator:

REVFRACC is our solution to reversing climate change using cryogenics in a sustainable manner which doesn't need energy and cost intensive processes. The technology is simply using Nitrogen through the process to sequester the air into its respective components, generate electricity and then released back into the air to cool the atmosphere.

Biggest Achievement:

Our biggest achievement thus far is working with Cranfield University to start developing the cryogenic process of the technology as it is what is the the most novel part. Being able to partner with someone who is willing to go outside of the industry norms gives immense promise of changing the way we can tackle climate change.

Programme themes:

Reducing emissions

Team members:

Vinesh Patel