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Aeon Energy

London, United Kingdom

24/7 Renewable Energy, without using a single square foot of land.

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The Problem:

All the energy we will ever need to achieve net zero is already out there, humans have just failed to harness it. The two most pressing issues we have identified are 1) lack of land space (which is most pressing in small islands and coastal cities) 2) The intermittency of solar and wind which are often heralded as the way forward for net zero. But simply having a couple of nights with no wind would be enough to have to turn the coal power back on.

The Solution:

Floating Energy, Reinvented. Modules, that float on the surface of the ocean and create constant, continuous power. Our modular system can meet the needs of any community regardless of land space available or energy needs - by simply adding more modules. Above the surface, we harness solar or wind power. Beneath it, we unlock the perennial power supplied by the waves and the tides. 24/7 Renewable Energy, without using a single square foot of land.

The Differentiator:

We have 3 main USPs: 1) 24/7 Renewable Energy, which no other competitor can claim. 2) Unparalleled flexibility. Clients can install as many modules as they want, and upgrade as their energy needs change. Built-in IoT allows for remote monitoring, regardless of the location and size. 3) Remote assembly. Our structures are designed to be light (i.e. affordable) and be shipped disassembled. They are then put together on-site (with a wrench and a winch) and deployed using a small boat.

Biggest Achievement:

Secured over £1.5M in funding from Innovate-UK for 3 pilots in the Maldives, Fiji and Singapore. Manufactured our full-scale structure in China and are now ready to deploy our first Maldivian pilot.

Programme themes:

Low carbon power

Team members:

Martim Cunha


Aude Mulard


Violet Loo

Finance and Environmental Officer