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Cambridge, United Kingdom

EV Off-Grid Charging Systems: A customer focused solution to EV charging with an off-grid, mobile rapid charging technology platform

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The Problem:

Transportation accounts for 27% of global greenhouse gas emissions and the UK alone recorded 30,000 early deaths from air pollution in just one year. As government policy (globally) seeks to drive us all to make the switch to electric vehicles, the rate of adoption is still being hampered by high vehicle costs, time-consuming and high-cost charging infrastructure, and driver concerns including range anxiety and no parking or at-home charging facilities. A situation compounded by limited public charging infrastructure, broken units, system failures, long queues, poor customer facilities, and unsafe locations. At the end of 2022 electric and hybrid vehicles accounted for just 3% of vehicles on the road and with Government figures suggesting that a further 480,000 public charges are needed by 2030, and this just highlights the UK, but the same problem and aspirations are faced Globally.

The Solution:

We’ve developed a customer focused technology solution, delivering rapid, mobile off-grid EV charging providing energy where and when its needed. Comprising a high-density battery array, custom software and electronics, operated by an app remotely monitoring the system. Our goal is to provide convenience, flexibility, simplicity and rapid charging speeds to a global market. EV adoption is being throttled by limited infrastructure. We have an instant alternative to fixed installation sites but wi

The Differentiator:

Our approach, our technology and our brand. A user centric solution achieved after extensive consumer and customer research to gather insights into this emerging market. Experts in problem solving, innovation and designing the future our solution is much more than a clever technology package. It addresses the real unmet needs of the EV driver and will deal with the increasing demand for worry free charging. Designed to be the enabling technology for last mile delivery.

Biggest Achievement:

Proof of concept trials conducted with a global auto manufacturer to test the viability of a mobile charging service. Winner of two SME business awards as best new comer and best business proposition in the Cambridge UK region. Raised £700K from 5 Angels. Moving from proof of concept to pre-production development with further pre-sales trials in the next two months.

Programme themes:

EV charging

Team members:

Morag Hutcheon

CEO and Founder