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Manta Ray EV

London, United Kingdom

Manta Ray EV is a cutting-edge digital marketplace that connects EV drivers with private charging point hosts, creating an Airbnb-inspired experience for EV charging.

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The Problem:

The rapid growth of EV adoption, fuelled by policy initiatives, is surpassing the expansion of public charging infrastructure. With over 80% of charge points being private, the distribution remains unbalanced until at least 2030. The fragmented public charging operator market and inefficient management contribute to various challenges faced by EV drivers, including limited availability and poor maintenance of charge points.

The Solution:

Manta Ray EV is an innovative marketplace inspired by Airbnb, connecting private residential and business charge points for sharing. This global platform targets the UK, EU, China, and the USA, offering EV drivers access to a wider network of well-maintained charging points. Our user-friendly app simplifies booking and route planning for EV drivers, while hosts maximize their income through dynamic pricing. Users can earn rewards through referrals and community tasks. We also provide unique features like user verification, live booking, and damage protection, filling the gaps in the market and ensuring a seamless experience for all.

The Differentiator:

- Bank-standard verification ensures secure platform for Drivers and Hosts. - NFC tag enables simple check-in and automated contactless payment. - Earn rewards for referring hosts, receiving 3% of their revenue. Reward tokens empower users to suggest and vote on features. - Dynamic pricing optimizes host revenue based on real-time data. - AI-driven route planning reduces range anxiety for EV drivers.

Biggest Achievement:

Manta Ray is pre-revenue with MVP release targeted for Sept 2023. We have partnered with Teesside University, Tees Valley Combined Authority for the initial user cluster. Completed a in-depth user study including face-to-face interviews and surveys. We have also appointed 2 EV experts one current Ohme executive and the other ex TomTom.

Programme themes:

EV charging

Team members:

Mark Miller

CEO & Co-Founder

Naeem Atta

CTO & Co-founder

Sham Chaudhry

COO & Co-founder