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Croydon, United Kingdom

EVSerious has built a deeptech powered personalisation utility to help any car buyer effortlessly discover if their real world driving needs can be met by any of the EVs today on the market

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The Problem:

Car buyers fear going electric because of range anxiety fears, public EV charging deserts and outside ownership costs. Buying a car was already difficult enough but EVs make this high-value purchase even more complex, and this friction is reflected in terrible EV sales interest-success conversion rates (half those for ICE cars). Leasing cos face customer retention challenges at contract end, asset financing premiums and ICE car residual value risks. While energy cos have no demand-side visibility to EV usage, are forecast to suffer high CAPEX upgrading grids for mass EV adoption. And there's no single source of truth about living with EVs or a marketplace to bring the fractured EV related services landscape together.

The Solution:

The EVCurious app (EVC) automates pretty much everything for any car buyer looking for a new or secondhand EV. Using deeptech powered personalisation to create mobility profiles for each user, EVC runs on a users smartphone in the background detecting the different modes of transport, isolating their car trips and then analysing their trip lengths, trip chains, routes and much more to identify their real world EV range need. Our app then indexes the existing EVs on the market for best fit on their unique needs and car search criteria. It's a personal car buying assistant. It's also a sales funnel to EV OEMs, EV/car dealers, public EV charging and home installers. It can be licensed to leasing, energy and others too. It's all built on a proprietary IP stack with multiple moats, millions of miles of training data, field testing and that's already outperforming offers from Audi and Jaguar, by a team with a decade long history together and even deeper domain expertise.

The Differentiator:

What makes us different and our USPs: 1) We deliver the most utility with the least ask from users 2) We're independent, brand neutral and cover the whole EV market 3) Without any user input we help identify each user's unique EV range need 4) We calculate a users carbon footprint and calories 5) We take a holistic view of mobility also highlighting the virtues of lower carbon footprint public transit 6) We're domain experts who built our deeptech IP and hyper personalisation tools all ourselves

Biggest Achievement:

Our DfT TRIG funded MVP was already beating £1m-£2.7m apps from automotive and energy sectors (Audi, Jaguar and CENEX) in terms of their level of automation, accuracy detecting different mode types, modelling EV range need and providing other unique features first time round.

Programme themes:

EV charging

Team members:

Andreas 'Zac' Zachariah


Telmo Amaro


Samuli Hemminki