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London, United Kingdom

Financing residential decarbonisation, starting with Solar4Flats

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The Problem:

To speed up residential decarbonisation, we need to avoid customers having to fund the high upfront cost of technologies. When installing solar PV on flats, the problem arises from how panels used to be wired to feed communal areas. The approach doesn’t save residents money. And savings for landlords are low, meaning investments in solar don’t add up.

The Solution:

Using an innovative wiring approach, we supply electricity generated by rooftop solar panels to residents of blocks of flats. This saves resident money Vs buying their electricity from the grid. We generate far more income for solar systems, making systems commercial viable. By funding systems with project capital, landlords and residents can now benefit from solar PV for zero upfront cost. By integrating batteries, heat pumps and electric vehicle chargers we increase customer value.

The Differentiator:

Our solution is unique, enabled by two extremely rare awards we’ve won from energy regulator Ofgem. These provide us with regulatory exemptions, related to wiring and metering arrangements in the industry, which are needed for the solution to be viable, and are unavailable to our competitors. We are using this market advantage to build a compelling moat across commercial, operational and data aspects, setting us up to win.

Biggest Achievement:

Through a process of iterative business development, we have developed a customer offer with extremely strong product-market fit, for a large and rapidly growing market. The best evidence is a breakthrough contract with a major London council to deploy 1MW solar across 750 flats, earning £1.5m. With this robust foothold, we are placed to take off across the council market, from where we will expand into new customer markets and technologies.

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Reg Platt