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Oxford, United Kingdom

Revolutionizing hydrogen production with scalable, cost-efficient alkaline electrolysers for a sustainable future.

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The Problem:

The hydrogen market faces challenges of high cost, limited scalability, and environmental impact associated with traditional methods of hydrogen production. Current green solutions often rely on expensive rely on scarce materials,materials, lengthy deployment timelines, and inefficient manufacturing processes, hindering the widespread adoption of hydrogen as a clean energy source. This has led to a growing 2-year backlog in the hydrogen electrolyser market.

The Solution:

Electrogenos develops cost-efficient alkaline electrolysers and a flexible manufacturing process. Our proprietary technology enables scalable production at lower capital expenditure, reducing the cost of electrolysers. We utilize sustainable catalysts that achieve platinum-like activity without relying on scarce rare earth metals, ensuring environmental sustainability. The electrolyser architecture is designed for durability and long-lasting performance, ensuring economical viability.

The Differentiator:

Electrogenos stands out with our proprietary catalyst IP, electroplating a confidential element for enhanced durability. This catalyst enables electrode architecture redesign and alternative manufacturing, driving our fully flexible scalable process. Ultimately, we reduce costs and enable faster deployment, estimating our system output price at $250K/MW.

Biggest Achievement:

Our biggest achievement was designing a scalable system, seamlessly transitioning from concept to manufacturing readiness. Recognized at Stage Two, a pan-European competition, we won the Atlantic Labs award and joined the TechX Accelerator program sponsored by ADNOC, Equinor, and BP. We also presented at the main stage of the ESADE Entrepreneurship Summit, further validating our position as a promising hydrogen production startup.

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Team members:

Augusto Bartolome

CEO & Co-Founder

Alfredo Saenger

COO & Co-Founder

Claudio Picchi