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Charge Fairy

London, United Kingdom

Electric vehicle charging as a service

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The Problem:

For many consumers and fleet operators convenient and efficient charging remains a significant barrier to EV adoption. Traditional charging methods often require lengthy periods of downtime, with EV drivers tethered to charging stations that may not be conveniently located. When EV fleets consider the total operational cost of public charging, the business case for electric vehicles often doesn’t stack up.

The Solution:

Charge Fairy is revolutionising the electric vehicle charging landscape using our proprietary hardware and software platform to deliver charging as a service. Our high-speed, battery-backed chargers can fuel any EV anytime, anywhere, in as little as 15 minutes. Beyond this, we intelligently monitor real-time data from our customers' vehicles to predict and autonomously schedule charging needs. This unique approach offers our customers an exceptional experience and drives significant operational efficiency. We’ve delivered almost 100,000 miles of range to drivers across London since 2020.

The Differentiator:

With nearly a decade of experience as EV drivers, we possess an in-depth understanding of the problem space, having lived and breathed it. Our unique charging-as-a-service solution is backed by our proprietary hardware and software, granting us full control of the intellectual property and the ability to scale it to different use cases. Our extensive software engineering background enables us to offer a unique platform that efficiently manages and optimises the usage of our assets.

Biggest Achievement:

Winning ZipCar and an energy services fleet as customers. They validated our hypothesis that public infrastructure is not suitable for every use case. Seeing their electric fleets grow, in no small part due to the service we're offering them, has been a huge milestone for the business.

Programme themes:

EV charging

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Ed Lea