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CCU International

Aberdeen, United Kingdom

Patented carbon capture and refinement technology enabling reuse of captured CO2

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The Problem:

The world is in a state of emergency and must reduce the level of CO2 entering the atmosphere in order to prevent unwanted global temperature increases. This will require a 90% reduction in carbon emissions versus current levels. In tandem, there is a global shortage of CO2 which is impacting upon several industries, such as food and beverage. According to the UN IPCC Climate Change 2022 Report: “It’s unlikely that we can limit the devastating impacts of climate change without some form of carbon capture”. Now more than ever it is clear that carbon capture is essential if we are to address the climate crisis and reach our shared climate goals. Carbon capture will be a key technology in achieving net zero by 2050 and beyond.

The Solution:

CCU International provide patented carbon capture and refinement technology for all industry emitters. The system can process and refine captured CO2 to be re-used in industrial processes by converting it into, for example, plastics, concrete, surfactants, diesel, and sustainable aviation fuel. This promotes circularity and turns what is a cost (normally associated with CO2 disposal) into multiple revenue streams. The technology has an extremely small footprint in comparison to other carbon capture technologies, is modular, scalable, designed to run on renewables, cost-effective (low CAPEX and OPEX) and uses no hazardous substances. Our technology can provide a solution for emitters of all sizes and is applicable across any CO2 emitting sector.

The Differentiator:

The vast majority of systems are designed to capture and store large volumes of carbon for storage. These are typically amine based, large, expensive and energy intensive. Our systems have a small footprint, modular, scalable, can run off renewables, cost effective and do not use any hazardous substances. We utilise the captured CO2, effectively turning what is traditionally associated with cost into multiple revenue streams for businesses of all sizes and any emitting industry.

Biggest Achievement:

Since our December 2022 launch we have been selected as finalists for the start-up awards (Scotland) and have also won the AccelerateHer awards for the Environment category. We have also been commissioned to build our first commercial capture system (6-figure contract) for the Flue2Chem project led by Unilever and the Society of Chemical Institute:

Programme themes:

Carbon Capture, Utilisation​ & Storage

Team members:

Beena Sharma


Francis Doherty


Professor Peter Styring

Chief Technical Advisor

Dr George Dowson

Technical Lead