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Carbon Laces

London, United Kingdom

Our Vision is to Connect Financial Tools to Energy and Carbon Users with Customised Monetisation Options.

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The Problem:

Cities, suppliers, and banks need accurate real-time energy and carbon data tracking tools, impairing data-driven decision-making and energy financing. Rising energy costs, inefficient targeting, high upfront costs, and limited incentives exacerbate the issue. A narrow focus on large loans neglects more minor needs and hinders climate change progress, particularly in buildings and land, representing 40% of emissions. These conditions limit project scalability, innovation and accountability.

The Solution:

Carbon Laces brings 93% accurate, AI and data-driven solutions for every UK address. We deliver verified carbon and energy savings on-demand with personalised incentives from a property to a neighbourhood scale. We simplify regulatory compliance, encourage stakeholder participation, and eliminate upfront costs, revolutionising energy finance through an innovative, open-source, cost-effective solution to drive scale market adoption.

The Differentiator:

We bring scale, transparency and innovation. Precision and coverage: We deliver 93% accuracy for granular verified energy and carbon data for any UK address with financial tools to scale energy and greening projects from one property to all UK.

Biggest Achievement:

Our app. Got coverage from the Sunday Times in a cover article on 26th Feb 2023

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Team members:

Madhuban Kumar


Dr Gunter Kanitz

Lead Engineer

    Ely Mc Phail

    Business Developer

      Dr Diego Guidi

      Community impact consultant