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Aberdeen, United Kingdom

Clean fuel from liquid waste - Producing carbon negative, green hydrogen from wastewater

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The Problem:

Industrial wastewater management is predominantly characterized by a costly and environmentally limited "treat it and dispose of it" mindset. The high expenses associated with treatment, disposal, and compliance with environmental regulations pose significant challenges to all modern industries. Furthermore, the prevailing focus on wastewater disposal neglects the potential for valuable resource recovery at point source.

The Solution:

Wastewater possesses seven times the chemical energy necessary for its treatment. Our solution capitalizes on this potential by generating carbon negative hydrogen, which yields more energy than the electricity invested in the process. Simultaneously, we ensure the wastewater meets technical standards for treatment. This circular approach not only provides energy but also reduces the expensive transport and disposal of wastewater, while decreasing the producer's carbon footprint.

The Differentiator:

The existing paradigm of wastewater management is being changed by our approach, which prioritizes resource recovery. The focus is on bringing the target as close to the point source of any liquid waste stream, disrupting the chain of increasing wastewater volumes generated…whilst recovering energy in a carbon negative approach. Liquid waste is treated as a readily available valuable resource rather than a waste product to be disposed of.

Biggest Achievement:

Our key accomplishment lies in successfully convincing established market players to evaluate and invest in our novel approach, which challenges conventional practices. We have achieved this in multiple industries where wastewater treatment was previously ignored as a production-relevant energy source. By disrupting the status quo, we have unlocked changed the mindset towards positioning wastewater treatment as a valuable energy-generating process.

Programme themes:

HydrogenCarbon Capture, Utilisation and StorageEnabling/Other

Team members:

Bjoern Pietruschka

Managing Director

Dr. Ahmed Ismail

Director Product Development

    Steffen Georg

    Technical Director