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Air View Engineering

Brynhoffnant, United Kingdom

An intrinsically modular, rapidly deployable and low CAPEX Direct Air Capture solution

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The Problem:

Existing Direct Air Capture solutions simply cannot be deployed at the rate at which they need to be or can be deployed in the locations that they need to be in order to make a real impact on localised CO2 concentrations. Additionally nearly all current DAC deployments are focused upon offsetting emissions rather than capturing and utilising CO2 for use in existing processes.

The Solution:

At Air View Engineering we have developed an intrinsically modular and rapidly deployable DAC solution. Our systems can be located exactly where the CO2 is not only being released, but also where it can then be utilised or stored. These systems can also be manufactured and deployed at a rate that can keep up with not only the existing but future demand for engineered CO2 removal.

The Differentiator:

Diverging from existing Direct Air Capture (DAC) system manufacturers, AVE has engineered a versatile system for both Carbon Capture and Storage (CCS) and Utilization (CCU) operations. This unique design not only promotes streamlined mass production and rapidity of system deployments but also broadens potential deployment possibilities, Including previously ineligible locations. Additionally, our choice of solid, pelletised adsorbent materials adds a layer of futureproofing to our technology.

Biggest Achievement:

Given the highly competitive nature of the process the winning of our Innovate UK Smart Grant is seen as our biggest achievement. Through the Innovate UK ecosystem we were also successful in winning a place on the Global Business Incubator Program which on the 1st of May this year saw us attend the IGF conference in Denver, Colorado. This was a fantastic opportunity to connect with a global network of investors and gain insight into the American decarbonisation market.

Programme themes:

Carbon Capture, Utilisation and Storage

Team members:

Simon Oliver


Matthew Tucker