Startup Profile


Abu Dhabi, UAE

Easy to implement energy kits for households.

The Problem:

1. Power surges and power outages 2. Carbon footprint 3. High electricity bills 4. Archaic methods of power supply (for example diesel generator that need maintenance)

The Solution:

Volts Energy Storage. It is smart energy storage system for households & small companies, which allows customers to become independent from the electric grid and create unique scenarios of energy consumption consequently to drastically reduce electricity bills and perpetual bondage to electric grid. Also it can be used to increase the effective use of “green” energy together with Solar Panels. No maintenance.

The Differentiator:

The scientific novelty of the project lies in the algorithm developed by the VOLTS team, which uses developments in the field of machine learning systems, in particular, solving classification problems based on self-organizing maps to improve energy efficiency, reliability and sustainability of power supply. Global manufacturers of analogs are focused on improving the elements and materials of energy storage devices, we - on the intelligent "stuffing" of storage devices.

Biggest Achievement:

Sales of $ 1.5 million and real positive feedback from customers about the product and technology

Programme themes:

Road to Zero