Startup Profile

Qi Energy

UAE, Dubai

Solar mounting structure manufacturer.

The Problem:

Every energy project, has an embedded carbon cost. With the dominance of China in the supply of components to solar projects it has become almost impossible to source components anywhere else. Even European or US based manufacturers of solar mounting systems source materials from china.

The Solution:

Provide a competitive, technically superior alternative to China supply with a lower embed carbon cost

The Differentiator:

Even non Chinese manufacturers are sourcing extrusion or components from China. Our business is focused on developing autonomy from overseas suppliers and increasing in country value. We aim to develop and supply mounting systems that are technically superior, with lower embedded carbon and at competitive rates.We are sourcing raw material from one of the most efficient smelters in the world. Our factory location is around 1.2KM from our extruder and our whole business is Co2 focused

Biggest Achievement:

The establishment of our factory in 2022 and the completion and delivery of our first 10MW all aluminium ground mount system

Programme themes:

Road to Zero