Startup Profile


UAE, United Arab Emirates

Accelerating the transition to Sustainable Mobility through upcycling current fossil fuel vehicles.

The Problem:

We currently need to rapidly accelerate the adoption of clean mobility within transport to be able to achieve our climate goal of a maximum of 1.5C rise. Current EV manufacturing alone cannot address this hence the need to find alternative solutions.

The Solution:

We are taking current petrol and diesel vehicles on the road and converting them to electric powertrains, and enabling them now run on zero emissions.

The Differentiator:

We are the first in the region to incorporate both a hardware and a software solution to address EV retrofit conversions so that users can monitor their converted vehicles and have the ability to manage fleets effectively.

Biggest Achievement:

We have converted a Beetle to an EV with a fully customised cooling system adapted for the region, and are also working on the first Nissan Patrol EV conversion in the world.

Programme themes:

Road to Zero

Team members:

Salman Hussain


Mihai Stumbea