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UAE, United Arab Emirates

All-In-One tool for optimizing connected operations.

The Problem:

Quick commerce, same day and next day delivery is the most expensive and most time consuming part of logistics. Studies show that it takes up to 53% of all the logistics costs.

The Solution:

We address this issue by unifying last-mile logistics optimization and IoT-integrated fleet management on a single SaaS platform, enabling our customers to deliver quickly, more efficiently and keep their fleet operations costs under control.

The Differentiator:

We excel in this space by seamlessly merging both the last-mile logistics and fleet management capabilities on a unified SaaS platform in one UI.

Biggest Achievement:

Closed a 3 year contract with biggest automotive company in Brazil for 1.56 Mln USD ARR.

Programme themes:

Green Movement

Team members:

javokhir vapaev