Startup Profile


Dubai, UAE

We help businesses eliminate electricity waste with data.

The Problem:

Commercial buildings in the UAE wasted ~$500m in electricity costs in 2020. According to the Enerblue scenario (the Paris agreement compatible scenario), the Middle East is due to overshoot projected electricity consumption by 37%.

The Solution:

We need to get a handle on our electricity consumption, and that starts with Data. Our energy analytics platform provides businesses with critical data and insights to cut down on their electricity waste and improve their consumption.

The Differentiator:

Our IOT and Cloud architectures are localized and agile. The hardware stack is capable of adapting to any legacy (rampant in the region) or modern integrations. We sample highly granular data and, through our proprietary data architecture on the cloud, are developing best practices in processing, storing and analyzing electrical signals. Our platform is developed from scratch, meaning we have no limitations on what features, visualizations, tools or experiences we will iterate towards.

Biggest Achievement:

Getting our full-stack MVP off the ground and functioning with exceptional unit economics.

Programme themes:

Road to Zero