Startup Profile

Ehfaaz Recycling

Dubai, United Arab Emirates

Early-stage company that is redefining the recycling landscape in Dubai.

The Problem:

UAE and Middle East is Running out of Space to dump its waste. something must be done beyond landfilling, burning, and the other ad-hoc solutions out there.

The Solution:

We are focused on giving used resources a new life - food waste turned into compost in 24 hours, recycled/reprocessed soap made from old ones, car wash made from expired laundry liquid and cosmetics, ethanol made from expired beverages, upcycling unrecyclable materials, etc. We focus on the B2B side of the market to support FMCGs on their Zero Waste to Landfill Initiatives, Brand Protection, and eliminating the need for incineration. We are best-in-class.

The Differentiator:

For Brand Owners who want to find a permanent and compliant solution for their end of life inventories, our service is a recycling solution that helps them lower costs through warehouse space optimization while still protecting the image of their brands. Unlike the options of re-exporting the items to the country of origin as per customs regulations, burning, or dumping in landfill which is harmful to the environment, costly, and no longer viable, our solution is cost- & time-saving.

Biggest Achievement:

> 1MM$ in revenue YTD 100+ paying customers body splash converted to surface disinfectant

Programme themes:

Road to ZeroGreen MovementLife Essentials