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Singapore, Singapore

Widuz pioneers sustainable construction with its patented Bamboo Veneer Lumber (BVL) technology, transforming bamboo into high-strength biocomposite

The Problem:

Widuz tackles pressing construction industry challenges by innovating Bamboo Veneer Lumber (BVL) technology. Widuz addresses the significant problems of deforestation, resource scarcity, and carbon emissions prevalent in the construction industry. These issues stem from the excessive reliance on traditional materials like concrete, steel, and even timber contributing to deforestation and depleting finite resources while releasing more CO2 to the environment.

The Solution:

Widuz's solution, Bamboo Veneer Lumber (BVL) technology, addresses deforestation by utilizing rapidly renewable bamboo instead of traditional wood. It combats resource scarcity by tapping into bamboo's abundance and shorter growth cycle. BVL also curbs carbon emissions since bamboo absorbs more CO2 during growth than its production emits. This innovative approach offers sustainable, high-strength construction materials, aligning with eco-friendly urban development goals.

The Differentiator:

Widuz BVL™ (Bamboo Veneer Lumber) is a high-performance structural lumber synthesized from bamboo fibres and unlike its competitors BVL™ is up to 3 times stronger than timber. Unlike timber, BVL™ is not susceptible to any decay or degradation, and is much more dimensionally stable. BVL™ is an ideal alternative construction material to alleviate the global concern on the availability and sustainability of resources required for building houses in near future. This is because BVL™ is made from bamboo, one of the world's fastest growing plant species and an eco-friendly material. Bamboo grows extremely fast and is widely available in great quantities, and is easily obtained. Bamboo is also known for its unrivaled capacity to capture CO2 and could therefore play an important role in reducing carbon emissions worldwide. Apart from that, the local communities are able to enjoy the social economic benefits that are created through the manufacturing value chains of BVL™. BVL™ ‘s SEED characteristics which make it differentiated from the traditional timber and bamboo products are as follows: • Strength: BVL™has an extremely high strength to weight ratio, almost 3 times the strength of other types of mass engineered timber (MET), allowing it to potentially be used for structural applications in low rise buildings in place of reinforced concrete. • Environmental Friendliness: Bamboo is a highly renewable and eco-friendly resource, can sequester co2 from the atmosphere, and is beneficial to soil quality. • Economic Feasibility: Bamboo grows extremely fast and in abundance in many parts of the world from Asia to Latin and central America and even southern Europe and central Africa. • Durability: BVL™is resistant to decay and rot, making it suitable for structural applications.

Biggest Achievement:

1- Winner of the Singapore Sustainability Open Innovation Challenge in 2021, awarded by Enterprise Singapore 2- Winner of Innovation Award by BEAMP Demo Day 2021, Built Environment technology Alliance supported by Building & Construction Authority Singapore (BCA) in 2021 3- Semi-finalist for Asian Entrepreneurship Award 2021 in Japan 4- Recognized as one the 5 sustainable material startups to watch in 2022 by Startus insights 5- Signed MOU with Singapore National Park for development of two pavilions in Jurong and Mandai park area as part of Nparks renovation programs

Programme themes:

Circular Economy & Waste ReductionCarbon Capture, Utilisation​ & Storage

Team members:

Alireza Javadian


Nazanin Saeidi


Yean Chau Ong