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SG Recycle

Singapore, Singapore

Transforming recycling with robotics, data and AI to reduce carbon footprint, conserve resources, and lower emissions.

The Problem:

Contamination of recyclables with food and liquid waste in blue commingle recycling bins is a major problem in Singapore. This contamination removes the efficiency and quality of the recycling process, wastes the efforts of those who recycle properly, and generates carbon emissions from the incineration of contaminate In 2022, Singapore’s household recycling rate was only 17%, far below the national target of 30%. Moreover, 40% of the paper collected for recycling was contaminated and rejected.

The Solution:

SG Recycle is a smart waste collection service that uses technology and data to make recycling easier, more efficient, and more fun for everyone. SG Recycle's robotic collection bins use sensors and cameras to detect contamination, and prevent non-recyclable items with the users. This ensures that only clean, recyclable paper is collected, which greatly improve the percentage of the recycled material and minimize the need for incineration The result? 99% recovery rates and minimal incineration.

The Differentiator:

SG Recycle uses technology and data to optimize the recycling process and provide a better user experience. SG Recycle's robotic collection bins are more efficient and accurate than traditional blue commingle recycling bins. They can be easily accessed by users to promote effective recycling habits. SG Recycle's educational resources are also more engaging and informative than those offered by other companies, through our our mobile apps and interactive panel on the machine.

Biggest Achievement:

SG Recycle has achieved significant traction since its launch in Singapore. We have collected over 13.2 million kg of paper, from over 40,000 users across Singapore with more than 140 machines situated across our island. SG Recycle has also partnered with multiple agencies, local businesses, and organizations to provide recycling solutions for their offices and events. SG Recycle has received positive feedback from users who appreciate the convenience, rewards, and education.

Programme themes:

Decarbonising through DigitalisationCircular Economy & Waste Reduction

Team members:

Mervin Ng


Jarod Zheng


Vincent Quck

Business Development

Sim Wei Liang

Marketing Manager