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Singapore, Singapore

Accurate nature based carbon credit issuance models and risk predictions through geospatial machine learning.

The Problem:

In the near future, carbon credit issuances will shift from less accurate manual methods of measurements and rely more on robust predictive machine learning models. Carbon credit project developers and financiers must soon adopt these newer methods of measurement. Most don't have the infrastructure ready or technical capability to do so.

The Solution:'s PlanetGPT product will possess the latest model capabilities to allow for carbon project developers and financiers to predict how their current, prospective and competitor projects will be affected with newer methods of measurements.

The Differentiator:

There are only a handful of players that have the technical capabilities in SEA (most are western) and even less so have access to local state government data and support to improve the accuracy their models. With our strategic base in SG, already has working relationships with top SEA government players and will be working with ST Engineering's (backed by Temasek) proprietary high res satellites to apply to international registries to accept our carbon models as the SEA standard.

Biggest Achievement:

1. 10 months ~ fast growing revenue with 100k USD total revenue with 500k USD pipeline 2. Selected as Top 5 Climatetechs out of 600 in The Liveability Challenge by Temasek 3. Winner of top COP 28 startup competition (Biodiversity Accelerator by Silverstrand Capital)

Programme themes:

Carbon Capture, Utilisation​ & Storage

Team members:

Johann Wah


Lawrence Xiao