Startup Profile

Marino Solar

Singapore, Singapore

An offshore solar floating structure for power generation

The Problem:

As of today, 15% of global energy-related emissions come from the process of extracting oil and gas and delivering it to consumers. However, all the major oil and gas companies pledge to be net zero carbon by 2050. One of the major challenges for these companies is to find a suitable, sustainable and cost-effective source of energy to supply the platforms, in particular, offshore platforms, which are more challenging due to their location. 

The Solution:

Marino Solar floating solar structure can withstand harsh sea conditions and generate solar energy for offshore gas platforms. Our product has unique features: (1) robust design with expected lifespan of 15 to 20 years in offshore conditions (2) ease of maintenance due to flat surface of the platform (3) scalable structure depending on customer demand

The Differentiator:

Compared to existing floating solar solutions, main differentiate features of the Marino Solar are i. Robust structure which can survive the offshore waves and winds ii. Structure reduces the need for solar panel maintenance to minimum iii. Efficiency of solar panels is increased by 15% compared to ground-based PV solutions iv. Integrated battery storage space on the structure v. Able to integrate facilities (e.g. living quarters, desalination plants) vi. Scalability of the product fits for different business case specifications vii. Transportability of the product allows better flexibility for utilizing different locations.

Biggest Achievement:

1. Achieved the pre-seed funding from NUS GRIP program 2. Signed Letter of Intent with two global Marine Certification companies to partner in certification of our innovative design of the floating structure for Solar PV 3. Signed LOI with Singapore based offshore engineering and construction company (SGX listed) for future collaboration

Programme themes:

Low Carbon Fuels and Power

Team members:

Ivan Popov


Arifeen Wahed