Startup Profile

Loop Refine

Singapore, Singapore

Water tech startup offering a blend of filtration membranes and reaction optimisation software to recycle 90%+ wastewater

The Problem:

Water and wastewater treatment have 2 challenges uniform across industries. 1. It is an energy-intensive process and is responsible for 3% of global energy consumption 2. Even after the current treatment process, 40% of wastewater is still non-recyclable.

The Solution:

Our product REFINE FILTRATION is the perfect blend of 1. Patented graphene oxide and ceramic filtration membranes and 2. Automation software implementing our in-house developed reaction optimisation formulae to reduce waste and also increase the efficiency of filtration With our product, we are able to reduce the energy requirement by 60% and make 90% + waste water recyclable.

The Differentiator:

We have unique advantages over our competition: 1. Our membranes cost 50% less in the complete lifecycle 2. Our system is easy to implement without any changes to the plant's current layout 3. Once wastewater passes through our system, it becomes 90% recyclable against 60% by our nearest competitor.

Biggest Achievement:

Our graphene oxide membranes have shown good results during PUB on-site pilot for their desalination plant. We are also in the final stages to pilot our reaction optimisation software with a semiconductor company.

Programme themes:

Circular Economy & Waste Reduction

Team members:

Vikash Bengani


Karan Doshi