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Singapore, Singapore

Innovative thermal insulation solutions for industrial, consumer, energy storage and transport solutions

The Problem:

Aerogel is the most superior class of nanomaterials, offering the highest insulation value of any known solid material but it presents some challenges: - Expensive manufacturing: long and inefficient fabrication process, expensive raw materials, and high capital cost - Energy-intensive process: requires high pressure vessels at elevated temperatures, resulting in a large carbon footprint - Toxic and environmentally unfriendly: requires large amounts of hazardous organic solvents

The Solution:

Krosslinker has created the world's first microwave assisted vacuum freeze drying technology for Aerogel production, resulting in lower CAPEX and production costs, increased energy efficiency and faster production cycles. This technology has allowed Krosslinker to develop aerogel products for multiple applications: - Aerogel composite board for coldchain transport and storage - Aerogel powder for heat & fire-resistant coating - Aerogel flexible blankets for EV battery thermal runaway

The Differentiator:

The first-of-its kind fabrication technology platform will make aerogel products faster, cheaper, scalable and at the same time energy efficient and sustainable. Our core technology will make aerogels affordable and accessible for different key thermal insulation applications such as cold-chain, industrial, electric vehicle battery, energy storage and transport, functional coatings and construction industry

Biggest Achievement:

- Developed and own the IP for the technology platform in highly insulative aerogel fabrication. - First company to launch aerogels products for the cold-chain industry - Strategic partnerships with market leaders in key thermal insulation verticals - Backed by leading VC and government investors

Programme themes:

Circular Economy & Waste Reduction

Team members:

Gayathri Natarajan


Elmira Soghrati


Mahesh Nathan

Director Innovation & Engineering