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EPRO Advance Technology

Hong Kong, Hong Kong

EAT's porous silicon “Si+” solves the conventional issues of storage and distribution of hydrogen, thereby enabling the true hydrogen economy

The Problem:

Si+ is a safe solid-state material that can be transported by existing delivery logistics, and generates pure hydrogen on-site on-demand with a basic solution, thereby completely removing the safety/regulatory concerns of storing and transporting pressurized hydrogen. This unique ability significantly lowers the risks of storing large amounts of the gas at the Hydrogen Refueling Station (HRS) because the HRS can precisely control the quantity and pressure of the gas

The Solution:

Si+’s on-demand hydrogen reduces storage to the absolute minimum and has unparalleled delivery flexibility due to its solid non-dangerous good nature. As such, Si+ shall be the preferred, if not the only source of hydrogen, at restricted zones, areas connected by tunnels/bridges etc. Si+ HRS will provide the bases of the hydrogen infrastructure to propel the full hydrogen economy. At conventional HRS, Si+ can be the backup hydrogen source, eradicating HRS ‘running out of gas’ events

The Differentiator:

Si+ creates a new circular economy where: 1. Si+ can be produced using under-utilised or curtailed energy at grid scale at remote locations, and releasing the stored energy in form of hydrogen 2. Silicon from end-of-Life PV panels can be used as feedstock of Si+, thereby making carbon negative hydrogen 3. Silicate by-products of the reaction has demonstrated to make structural grade geo-polymer concrete. The silicates can also be used to make zeolites, where we shall be filing a patent in 3Q23

Biggest Achievement:

1. Submitted 3 construction sites jointly with Tysan Foundations Ltd (0687.HK) to HK regulatory bodies for trial of the Si+ genset, and subject to regulatory approval, the system will be trialled in Dec 23 to replace conventional diesel genset. 2. Japanese and Korean Licensees formed for their respective jurisdictions 3. Exploring the route with A*STAR on scaling and commercialization of geo-polymer concrete using the by-products of Si+ hydrogen generation reactions (have NDA in place)

Programme themes:

Circular Economy & Waste ReductionDecarbonisation in MobilityLow Carbon Fuels and Power

Team members:

Albert Lau