Startup Profile

Aleph Technologies

Singapore, Singapore

AI-powered platform to improve energy efficiency and accelerate renewable energy transition

The Problem:

Energy-intensive sectors like petrochemicals and pharmaceuticals contribute to 60% of global emissions and are pressured to decarbonize. Key decarbonization initiatives like reducing energy usage and transitioning to greener energy are extremely complex and painful. Most manufacturing plants rely on consultants or in-house engineers that consume multiple years and millions of dollars just to improve energy efficiency for one facility (e.g. a refinery) but still achieve suboptimal outcome.

The Solution:

We provide AI-platform to enable faster, cheaper and more effective end-to-end decarbonization. Powered by digital twin, our platform mirrors and forecasts energy usage and emissions patterns. Our advanced machine-learning models pinpoint inefficiencies and optimize energy efficiency by recommending users with actionable insights. Beyond existing efficiency, our AI generates bespoke renewable energy transition roadmaps and engineering designs to unlock new energy efficiency levels.

The Differentiator:

Conventional consulting solution is manpower-reliant and time-consuming. In comparison, our automated AI-platform can improve energy efficiency 10x faster at lower cost. Comparing to other energy optimization solutions, we can improve energy efficiency 5x better due to our hybrid machine learning model, which is more precise in troubleshooting energy inefficiency. Moreover, our solution is more end-to-end as we accelerate energy transition through roadmaps generated by our AI-simulations.

Biggest Achievement:

We have secured multiple contracts from major multinational companies and conglomerates such as Pfizer in Singapore, Godrej Chemicals and Aditya Birla Group in India, which led us to generate revenue and positive cashflow till date.

Programme themes:

Decarbonising through Digitalisation

Team members:

Suwira Teo


Sushant Garud