Mentor Profile

Jie Rou Cheoh

Enterprise Singapore

Senior Development Partner, Energy & Sustainability, Urban Solutions & Infrastructure Services

Mentor Schedule:

Session 1

Wed 30 Aug, 1:00am - 4:00am GMT+0


Session 2

Thu 31 Aug, 1:00am - 4:00am GMT+0


About Jie Rou:

In this role, Jie Rou actively fosters industry collaboration between companies for commercial and pilot projects in Singapore and overseas markets. She has account managed high growth SG enterprises in the Clean Energy sector (e.g. solar, energy efficiency, energy storage, hydrogen) to help them build core capabilities, embark onto innovation initiatives and facilitate their internationalisation plans. She has also formulated strategies in industry development plans for energy sector and areas such as decarbonisation, green buildings, solar, energy efficiency, hydrogen and carbon capture utilisation and storage, and forged close partnerships with trade association and centre of innovation for energy to lead ecosystem development initiatives in Singapore (e.g. LEAD programme on industry-wide efforts, knowledge-sharing, capacity building workshops, business matching, training programmes to build pipeline of skilled talents in solar and energy efficiency sectors).