Startup Profile

WaveScan Technologies Pte Ltd

Singapore, Singapore

Non-destructive testing (NDT) technology for defect detection in infrastructure and oil&gas assets.

The Problem:

The NDT techniques in the market are not relevant or accurate enough for multiple use-cases in the industry. To make matters worse, the data collection process for inspections is manual, unsafe, and often not repeatable. And the data analysis needing experienced NDT technicians.

The Solution:

WaveScan’s see-through imaging technology uses microwave and millimeter waves to provide structure 'see-through' inspections and tag defects for the infrastructure, aerospace, and oil & gas industries. Our technology is able to prolong the lifecycle of assets, prevent early demolishing and reduce the carbon footprint of structures. We scan at higher speeds and with higher resolution than competing products in the market.

The Differentiator:

We have developed an imaging technique using electromagnetic waves that achieves high resolution and is capable of contactless, multilayered 3D structural see-through imaging. This is possible by scientific advancements in RF hardware & signal processing. The key USP is that our modular scanner systems integrate into autonomous robotic platforms and are capable of high-speed, high-resolution applications. Through our ongoing engagements with various key industry stakeholders, we have validated the uniqueness of the technique for a few use cases in the Infrastructure and O&G industry, comparing our technique with other NDT techniques like ground penetrating radar (GPR), ultrasonic testing (UT), pulsed eddy current (PEC). Since our imaging technique can achieve a much higher resolution with minimal false positives & negatives, we have started to see industry adoption in a few key use cases such as facade & structural inspections and corrosion under concrete fireproofing (CUF).

Biggest Achievement:

Our biggest achievements to date include: 1. ~2mil SGD in grants & international awards by various agencies & Enterprise Singapore for taking the technology from POC to the product stage. 2. Validated and baselined the USP of our first-of-kind non-destructive testing (NDT) technique for a few Infrastructure and O&G use cases, tested with various stakeholders & key players in the market such as Housing Development Board (HDB), Land Transport Authority (LTA) & ExxonMobil via long term paid projects. 3. Successfully launched the first commercial product version after extensive regulatory testings in US and Singapore, achieved CE mark. The technique comprising scanner, robotics & software is now being commercially deployed in projects in Singapore through Professional Engineers & inspection companies. 4. Successful validations with clients in overseas markets such as Japan, S Korea, Thailand, Hong Kong, the UK, and the EU have also been completed. 5. We have been validating with Exxon for 2 years, and now have a strong pipeline of clients inlcuding: Shell, Petronas, Total, Chevron

Programme themes:

Decarbonising through Digitalisation

Team members:

Dr. Kush Agarwal

Founder, CEO

Dr. Karthik Thothathri


    Mr. Eric Lim

    Operations Director