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Singapore, Singapore

IoT based EV charging reservation system

    The Problem:

    The current environment is still inconvenient for electric vehicles: there are more EVs than charging points, non-EVs are blocking EV charging spots, and the inability to locate available charging spots quickly. These problems have made driving EVs in cities extremely unpleasant and frustrating.

    The Solution:

    By using the Surereserve App, users can book an EV charging spot. The app is based on IoT and Cloud platforms, and a physical lock prevents unauthorised parking without reservation. Smart connectivity enables touch authentication with sensors that activate the physical lock attached to the parking spot automatically after the driver drives away. The App can also easily integrate with customers' existing software solutions, Apps, or websites.

    The Differentiator:

    SureReserve’s unique system has the ability to connect with other worldwide parking management companies as partners, integrating their technologies to improve SureReserve’s offerings. Other proprietary functions include custom-designed park lock hardware to reserve the space, smart connectivity enabling touch authentication, a Failsafe function that prevents damage to the car, sensors that trigger the lock to rise after the car has exited, and a navigating system to the charging spot.

    Biggest Achievement:

    - National University of Singapore is a customer for our enterprise solution. - 2016 "TiE50" winner of the prestigious TiE50 Technology Awards Program. - Already obtained more than 2200 interests in Singapore.

    Programme themes:

    Decarbonisation in Mobility

    Team members:

    Suchet Bhasin