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Singapore, Singapore

Plasma gasification for recycling the current nonrecyclable wastes

The Problem:

The current amount of recycled solid waste account for only 14% of the total amount of solid waste disposed of. The maltreatment of unrecycled wastes results in emissions and poor air quality that affects billions of residents worldwide.

The Solution:

The amount of trash is increasing every year while more energy is demanded to treat this extra waste. Turning trash into energy would solve both problems Rebis’ patented plasma gasification process allows for the recycling of municipal solid wastes. The process is done under high temperatures, which decomposes harmful substances. The process produces heat energy, hydrogen and graphene, and emits less toxic gases than current processes.

The Differentiator:

Rebis' solution is cleaner, cheaper and more efficient than the traditional incinerator plants due to plasma chemistry. Rebis technology can also extract high purity materials in the process, namely graphene that will be able to be used for downline production of batteries.

Biggest Achievement:

- Plasma gun is up and ready to be deployed - Interest from governments in EU, India, Indonesia, while in discussions to set up a plant in Indonesia with funding from the government - 40 years research into Rebis' patented technologies

Programme themes:

Circular Economy & Waste Reduction

Team members:

Rodion Turoff

President, Co-founder

Eugene Lee

Foreign Chief, Co-founder

    Anatoly Neklesa

    Chief Manager