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Singapore, Singapore

On-site blending and distribution of sustainable aviation fuels.

The Problem:

Airlines are committed to reducing emissions, and have varied sustainability goals, budget, fleet type and engine configurations. However, there is little flexibility over blend types, ratios and volumes today. Blends continue to be costly and inaccessible from many airports.

The Solution:

FlyORO empowers customers with the decision-making power to choose how much they want to decarbonize their flight emissions. We enable this, with our advanced fuel blending system, leveraging on digital integrations and automation technologies. By partnering with a fuel producer, we can offer a variety of SAF blend levels.

The Differentiator:

FlyORO differentiates with last-mile blending technology, based on flexible modular capacities, as compared to conventional bulk logistical model. This means more flexibility for airlines to custom SAF product blend ratio and volume, to suit respective airlines ambitions to adopt cleaner fuels.

Biggest Achievement:

Working with 15 airline partners across 21 airports. Timeline for a pilot installation in Q1 23. IATA strategic partner - fuel technical group. Conducted ground assessments in US & Europe.

Programme themes:

Low Carbon Fuels and Power

Team members:

Jonathan Yeo

CEO, Co-founder

Genevieve Toh

Co-Founder & CMO

Joe Ng

Co-Founder & CTO