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Singapore, Singapore

Fluid Software and IoT company deploying novel continuous quality monitoring solutions, currently servicing maritime industry.

The Problem:

Current fluid quality measurements rely on ad-hoc sampling processes which a) do not provide representative samples for specific testing b) delay information gathering for intervention c) do not capture time degradation of fluids all of which can lead to i) expensive equipment damages ii) operational breakdowns iii) harmful impact to environment with inefficient fluid usage either via poor combustion (fuels) or poor fluid handling (lubricants or effluents)

The Solution:

Dravam has developed an Inline Continuous Scanning solution (dRSCAN) for fluids currently including marine fuel oils and lubricants. dRSCAN utilises ML augmented multiphase algorithms functioning on conventional flow signals. The solution optimises fuel management processes, resulting in improved operational efficiency, fuel consumption savings and carbon emissions reduction. Applications include monitoring cargo during bunkering and 24x7 engine fuel line monitoring.

The Differentiator:

Current practice for quality monitoring of marine fuel oil and lubricants is done via testing labs upon manually drawn, ad-hoc & limited samples taken. Dravam’s solution enables automated, continuous and comprehensive inline scanning of the liquid during flowing conditions whilst detecting & identifying multiple contaminants actively so that operators can be notified to intervene appropriately.

Biggest Achievement:

1)Successfully installed and operated the world's first inline bunker-fuel monitoring solution (dRBUNKER-B) for Operations and Contaminants anomalies. 2)Successfully completed a world-first pilot trial for inline bunker fuel monitoring service (dRBUNKER-S) of Operations and Contaminants anomalies. 3) Winning the Pier71 Smart Port Challenge in 2019 and the Tech Planter 2022. 4)Established deployments with Kenoil and MC Shipping

Programme themes:

Decarbonising through Digitalisation

Team members:

Dr Vivek Premanadhan

CEO, Co-Founder

Derrick Lee

Finance, HR, Co-Founder