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Singapore, Singapore

Direct chip cooling solution for data centres

The Problem:

As sustainability becomes increasingly important to modern businesses, companies are looking for new methods to cool their data centers. The current ways of using air conditioning lead to high emissions. Therefore a new, sustainable method of cooling is demanded by the markets.

The Solution:

CoolestDC’s patented liquid cooling technology is the most effective data center cooling system with 45% energy savings compared to traditional coolants. Water cooling, viewed by many as the cooling option of the future, can be widely adopted to meet SE Asia’s rapidly growing data centers.

The Differentiator:

CoolestDC offers unique liquid Cooling Solution that is easy to adopt and integrate into the existing data centers. Water cooling enhances sustainability over the existing cooling methods. CoolestDC's special unibody and leakless 3D printed cool plate also ensure durability and safety compared to other solutions.

Biggest Achievement:

* Temasek Foundations Ecosperity Grant for CoolestDC Liquid Cooling System Commercialisation * Digital Realty (SIN11) Data Center Liquid Cooling System Testbedding * Regional DC Liquid Cool Pilot System PO * Chinese Based Liquid Cooling Data Center RFP (20MW) * Telco Liquid Cooling Data Center RFI (10MW)

Programme themes:

Decarbonisation in Mobility

Team members:

PS Lee

Chief Sustainability Officer, Co-founder

Chak Lee Meng

Chief Solution Architect, Co-founder