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Singapore, Singapore

Video analytics for construction operations

The Problem:

The global construction industry is dangerous and unproductive. There are frequent fatalities, wastage of time and $3.8 trillion of annual loss due to operational lapses. Monitoring construction operations are tedious, costly and prone to human errors.

The Solution:

Ailytics offers hardware agnostic video analytics solutions to monitor and ehance the safety and productivity of construction site operations. Module includes ensuring workers adhere to safety procedures, tracking which vehicles enter and exit the site, worker count and floor cycle times. Actionable insights such as alerts are sent immediately if risks are detected. The solution can lead to a 50% reduction in the need for manual inspection and 7x increase in coverage of high risk work.

The Differentiator:

What makes Ailytics different from others is that it has the largest construction dataset in Singapore with more than 500,000 labeled data from over 35 sites. It can also map the site from 2D to 3D with only 1 CCTV. This enables Ailytics to develop complex and critical use cases at the fraction of the cost with better efficiency and maintainability. Ailytics' technology is also optimized to handle harsh environments such as small objects, shaking of CCTVs, weather conditions and poor connectivity.

Biggest Achievement:

- Secured more than S$300,000 in contracts within just 1 year of incorporation - Working with major developers and contractors in Singapore such as (HDB, JTC, China Con) and currently in discussion with many more. - 10 paying customers for safety applications.

Programme themes:

Decarbonising through Digitalisation

Team members:

Wei Zhuang Tan

CEO, Co-founder

Pratek Manocha

CTO, Co-founder