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Amit Chaudhary

Shell Singapore

Carbon, Energy & GHG Management -Senior Technologist

Singapore, Singapore

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Session 1

Mon 22 Aug, 6:00am - 8:30am GMT+0


Session 2

Tue 23 Aug, 6:00am - 8:30am GMT+0

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About Amit:

I am currently working as Senior Technologist - Carbon and Energy Management at Shell Energy & Chemicals Park, Singapore

My role is centered on optimizing carbon and energy utilization. I specialize in developing strategies for carbon abatement and crafting comprehensive carbon planning roadmaps. Additionally, I stay at the forefront of evolving carbon tax policies to ensure preparedness for the dynamic regulatory landscape.

My expertise lies in helping organizations navigate the intricate intersection of carbon emissions, energy efficiency, and sustainability to achieve their environmental and financial goals.

My previous roles include serving as a Process Integrator and Reliability Specialist, where I tackled intricate and high-impact reliability challenges at the site level. Additionally, I've served as an Energy & CO2 Consultant, assisting in Capital Projects and Technology R&D across different sectors of Shell's operations, including Downstream, Integrated Gas, and Upstream.

Areas of Expertise:

Alternative FuelsEngineeringInvestment