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Paris, France

An unprecedented solution that is fully in line with the energy transition. It is based on a breakthrough technology that profoundly alters the architecture of current thermodynamic systems.

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    This technological base can be applied to some thirty industrial sectors with installed capacities ranging from 0.5 to 20 MW. With a single product, the PackGy offer simultaneously addresses 4 normally independent but complementary markets: - High-performance, high-temperature (150°C) industrial heat pumps - Refrigeration production down to -45°C - Heat engine (ORC), low-grade waste heat recovery from 40 K - Long-term energy storage (8h - 100h) and electrical or hydraulic restitution Its value proposition is such that it will reduce the carbon footprint of the energy consumed by more than 80%, and divide the energy bill by 3 to 4, with an IRR < 3 years under current economic conditions. In the food and beverage industry alone, where our technology can be plugged in to replace existing machine rooms, the entire European energy efficiency market will be worth more than 40 billion over the next 20 years. We are already a legitimate player in this market, because we know it and its players well, and because our technology perfectly covers its overall energy needs. This is the sector in which we'll be building our turnkey engineering business. But our value proposition doesn't stop there, as our technology base also opens doors to other activities, in particular : - Gas compression and liquefaction (H2, CH4) - CO2 capture from the most polluting industries - Recovery of low-temperature heat from geothermal or other sources. Combining all our value propositions, we could address a total of 30 different industrial sectors."

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