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The Insight - Artificial Intelligence

Florianópolis, Brazil

Personalized solutions for artificial intelligence for oil market

The Problem:

The lack of demand for demand and price of electricity in Brazil leads to a series of problems. First, there may be inefficiencies in the management of production capacity, leading to the waste of resources and unnecessarily high production costs. Without an accurate prediction, investment planning can be inaccurate, possibly resulting in underutilization or excessive energy capacity. In addition, the stability of the electrical system may be at risk without precise predictions, increasing the likelihood of blackouts. In addition, the lack of forecast can lead to unexpected prices, damaging consumers. The transition to renewable energy sources can also be impaired as the demand forecast helps to decide when and where the renewable generation capacity should be installed. In the energy market, the lack of price forecasting can increase uncertainty and risks, making decisions about buying and selling energy, hedge and more challenging future contracts. In summary, the lack of demand and electricity price can have significant negative impacts on the energy sector and the Brazilian economy.

The Solution:

The Insight Energy Prediction Predictive, based on artificial intelligence, which captures internal and external data, treats and analyzes this information, to efficiently anticipate the price estimate and demand of electricity and natural gas, assisting in business decision making.

The Differentiator:

Automation in the data collection process and the use of artificial intelligence for data processing and insight generation makes the solution much faster compared to competitor solutions and allow greater flexibility for scenario simulation.

Biggest Achievement:

Participation of 3 OTC - Houston (2021/2022/2023), COLLISION Participation - Toronto 2023

Programme themes:

Energy Solutions

Team members:

Douglas Barbonaglia


Antônio Batista


Francisco Lisboa