Startup Profile

Swap-e Mobilidade Elétrica

Florianópolis, Santa Catarina, Brazil

Conversion of combustion vehicles into electric vehicles.

The Problem:

Demand for electrification in Brazil; - High cost of fuel and combustion cars maintenance; - Demand for reduction of gee emissions from the market and governments; - High price of new electric vehicles; - 44 million circulating fleet that will be left behind; - average age of 11 years of vehicles in Brazil; - Absence of national solutions and technologies for electrification;

The Solution:

Conversion of combustion vehicles to electric vehicles: - Power sizing and autonomy for different use profiles; -Self development of the electrification kit (integrating market products with in-house products, such as swap-e battery pack) - Industrialization of conversion with assembly line; - Cars connected with data available to be used (and/or marketed) by fleet owners.

The Differentiator:

With other conversion companies: - Own development of technology; - Experience in the electrification market; With automakers and other initiatives: - Cost of conversion less than 50% of the value of a new electric vehicle; - Use of the current fleet already depreciated; - Early Payback according to use;

Biggest Achievement:

- Validated MVP (Electric Celtic) - Partnership in product development with Fueltech, Hercules, Mercosur, Netgain, MVP and Kelly - Patents and approval of SWAP and in progress projects - Selected by FAPESC in the SC+Electric program to develop last mile van - Partnership with SC Concessionaire for Swap-E Workshop Structuring - First B2C Client - Pilot projects with logistics fleets in negotiation

Programme themes:

Energy Solutions

Team members:

Matheus Maia


Walter Maia Junior


André Andrade


Guilherme Soldatelli Vidotto

Product Development