Startup Profile

Nosso Mangue

Maceió, AL, Brazil

We work with the recovery of mangroves through carbon compensation

The Problem:

The startup aims to address pressing environmental and social issues in a coherent manner. These issues include hunger, a prevalent concern in Alagoas, where an alarming 36.6% of the population experiences this socioeconomic vulnerability. This figure is twice the national average of 15.5%, making it a critical concern. Additionally, Nosso Mangue aims to empower those in social vulnerability, transforming them into guardians of the mangrove forests. By doing so, the initiative not only aids these individuals but also helps protect these vital ecosystems. This effort is poised to provide them with income, sustenance, and an overall improved quality of life. Another formidable challenge tackled by Nosso Mangue is the deforestation of mangrove areas. Nationwide, around 20% of these ecosystems have already been lost, as documented by SOS Mata Atlântica. This deforestation not only threatens the mangroves themselves but also contributes to the release of greenhouse gases that had been captured during the photosynthetic process, exacerbating climate change concerns. The third obstacle addressed by the initiative is Brazil's notable contribution to global greenhouse gas emissions, which stood at 12% in 2021. By transforming these challenges into opportunities, Nosso Mangue seeks to uplift the community. It endeavors to empower individuals, preserve mangroves, and mitigate greenhouse gas emissions, collectively forming the cornerstone of Nosso Mangue's endeavors.

The Solution:

Nosso Mangue is a company that has innovation as the main pillar, solving one of the biggest current problems that is the emission of greenhouse gases. Through the carbon compensation service through the mangrove areas being recovered. It is configured as B2B, B2Gov. The performance of Nosso Mangue takes place at Pontal da Barra, a neighborhood located in Maceió/AL that has fishing as one of the main sources of income in which he has a fishermen dating from the 70s with estimated 150 associated fishermen and currently has an estimated population of about 5,000 thousand.

The Differentiator:

Nosso Mangue works in strengthening the belonging of community residents (fishermen, seafood, riverside and others), teaching about the importance of preservation, conservation, preservation of mangroves areas, but also inserted this process, such as employment/income generation . The company's methodology is based on popular and scientific knowledge, so that something is constructed from the cooperation of all. Our differential from our competition and that we are creating the carbon compensation market through the mangrove that has a much larger carbon sequestration efficiency compared to other ecosystems. Besides working with generated social impact.

Biggest Achievement:

We were first in the BNDES Garage Programs Impact Business 2022, Northeast Startup, GDH Industry today's generation. We left in small businesses and big business, Globo and Linkedin.

Programme themes:

Nature Based Solutions AND Sustainable Agriculture & Forests

Team members:

Mayris Nascimento


Alvaro Altenkirch